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The Book Launch

The Book Launch

A night to remember,
A room full of interesting people,
The sound of laughter
Music playing
The tinkling of cups on saucers
People eating cake & drinking tea
What more could any author want,
As avid readers lined up to buy my latest book.
A book launched with a room full of people I had encountered!
My privilege, to have met them all!

VW November 2017

Big Interview, by Nicola Jaques, Lancashire Post

One of Vera’s favourite interviews, she said Nicola ‘showed a lot of interest and empathy, she did a great job. I really enjoyed speaking with her’.

Caring Chorley pioneer took a Red Rose heart all around the world

“Observing to understand” that is how inspirational speaker, life coach and author Vera Waters would describe the make -up of her life’s work. She has quite the resume.

From pioneering change in the 1960s for the better treatment of teenage offenders, to an appointment as the first voluntary service co-ordinator in the health service before turning attentions to counselling police forces nationally. She has trained and counselled nurses, doctors, entertainers, actors, dancers, airline crews to those in the finance sectors. Her lectures and presentations have taken her all over the world from Europe to America to Australia coupled with regular appearances on the radio.

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Talks & Presentations

March proved to be an interesting month for me mainly due to my visit to Eccleston Library. People were invited to hear me speak whilst enjoying ‘strong Tea & biscuits’. As this is the title of one of my books it was very apt made possible by Julie, her staff and volunteers. There were as is usual familiar faces in the audience together with people I had not met before afterwards I signed copies of my books.

April was equally as interesting when having been invited to speak at Euxton library by Kath I found myself again facing a mixed audience of people some of whom come to hear me speak wherever I might be and have done so for years. They laughingly call themselves my ‘groupies’ and then there were the people I had not met before always a pleasure to meet new people. The session ended with my being invited to return again in September to share my experiences whilst presenting in the States and….. That work really came about because I met a lady on a train…………. But of course that’s another story in itself!

Although I have spoken to very large audiences especially during the decades when I was a ‘key-note’ conference speaker there is nothing quite as enjoyable as speaking in one of our libraries. The intimacy of being with a small group of people gives the speaker the chance to interact more easily with everyone. This is not possible during the ‘break’ at a conference attended by hundreds of people.

For me as a writer to be surrounded by books and other sources of information within a library gives me a feeling of ‘coming home’ possibly related to the fact that me and my dog share a house with 3000 books!

Our libraries are such amazing places with so much to offer in the community. The old fashioned silent image has long since been erased because libraries provide a life-line for many people. The staff put in a great deal of effort and let’s not forget the volunteers always on hand to help.

My new book will be published later this year available through this web-site, discerning book shops and Amazon.

It will also be possible to buy signed copies after my talks and presentations. Or you can simply call 0845 838 7403 direct and order a copy…


Vera Waters
19th May 2017….A good to be alive day!

Eccleston Library Visit 2017

Our libraries are so important. No longer places of silence and sombre faces, they are now full of life and vibrancy. They have become  special meeting places, centres in which to find social contact as well as learning, enjoyment, information and help. It’s because of this that I am delighted to say that I’ve been invited to visit Eccleston Library on Wednesday 8th March

Come along and join me at  11 A.M. to  ‘Meet the Author’ in an informal setting. Admission is free  however, as we are going to share tea & biscuits whilst I talk about my more humorous experiences in life, and how to get that ‘feel-good’ factor, Julie and the staff need to know how many people to expect.

You  can pop in and collect your ticket at the library, or alternatively, call 0300 123 6703 to book a place.

When I‘ve finished speaking I will be signing copies of my books. At present, I’m busy working on my new book, and meeting people like you is always encouraging to me. I’ll be delighted to see you. Until then its back to work for me!

Take care

Vera Waters

Oldham Library – “a fantastic & inspiring talk”

I met some lovely people this week at Oldham Library where I was speaking as part of their Mindfulness series. It was a lunchtime session, well attended, a warm welcome and tea of course. A great audience – 83% rated the session as ‘Excellent’. Many thanks to Richard, Kate and Holly.

Save Our Libraries!oldham-library


Hold onto the pages!

Hello everyone. Have you heard the news the sale of ‘paper’ books is rising?

Reading is an escape from all that is happening in our own lives however to fully enjoy the journey, to be totally transported we need to engage as many of the senses as possible.

E-books provide swift access to the world of literature. Particularly useful when travelling. However a book, a real ‘Paper’ book engages not only touch, sight and hearing but also the sense of smell, To feel the texture of the paper, to trace the shape of a page with your finger tips, to sniff and inhale its special scent, to be so moved as you read that your tears drop onto its pages to do all of this you need a book in your hands.

Some booksMany of my readers tell me how having read my books they choose to keep them close. Often, on a bedside table where they can ‘dip in’ opening at random to gain inspiration, motivation and comfort. What a compliment that is to know that a book is still read years after publication.

As readers we become travellers, into other lives, other dimensions; books provide an instant escape …. they are your mode of transport to that other special place, hold onto the pages!

Vera Waters Oct 2015