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Fortifying review


As fortifying as a good strong cup of tea. Vera Waters is a skilled storyteller & expert observer of human behaviour. Vera has listened to a lot of people from all backgrounds & situations. She distills the wisdom drawn from all these lived experiences & passes on life lessons in easy to absorb chapters. This is a useful book for everyone.

Orchidstar, via Amazon

Uplifting feedback

“Thank you for a wonderful night. You look and sound as lovely as ever and I love listening to you. I hope to see you again soon, I’ve got my cup of tea, some toast and your book, bliss ! Love Kerry x”

“Wow! Vera, what a most enjoyable evening! If I had only one word to describe, it would be, ‘uplifting’. The beautiful Butterflies on the tables and the swirl of Bagpipes, set the tone, and we all enjoyed every moment. Grateful Thanks, God Bless! Marie xx”


strongteaandbiscuitsThey say you should not judge a book by its cover but I did, I loved the cover, it evoked feelings of the calm, unwinding feeling you get when you sit down with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. What was inside this book was magic. The stories were powerful, thought provoking and an emotional read. If you are looking for a meaningful read. Buy this book, you won’t regret it….

poetic_riddler, via Amazon

Easy to read account of personal experiences of others

strongteaandbiscuits‘Strong Tea & Biscuits’ – Easy to read account of personal experiences of others, some of which can resonate with the reader. Enjoyment is perhaps the wrong word but rather a privilege to read since the content covers what most of us would prefer to keep to ourselves.

Barbara Brown, via Amazon

A review of ‘Strong Tea & Biscuits’

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and easily recommend it to others.

The stories brought back memories of situations experienced in my own life and yes some brought a tear to my eye and some brought a smile!

The book reminds us that no one goes through life without some problem times and Vera suggests ways of coping personally and also of helping others cope through such times.

It is so encouraging that Vera helped so many people to find the ‘rainbow at the end of the storm – with the promise of new beginnings’

Margaret Snape

Your book has inspired me

“Your book has inspired me to research ways to begin. Your love for humanity comes through loud and clear as does your insight into human emotions – a rare gift. Thank you for sharing your story.”

Jean Hunt

With your dignity intact

Vera is a talented communicator. She deals with the most complex of human situations and has the ability to turn them into realities that are immediately identifiable and understandable. Even the most cynical individuals will leave her sessions the richer for having attended. Vera will listen, challenge, take you on a journey of self-exploration and examination, turn the negative to positive, balance compassion with humour, proffer solutions to problems and leave you feeling special – with your dignity intact!

Peter Kinson, former Commandant, Police Training College, Bruche

We could all benefit from a little bit of Vera in our lives

Vera has the gift of reaching the hearts and minds of her audience … stimulating a “buzz” of interactive discussion after her presentations. her insight into life and the complexity of the human condition … was a breath of fresh air. I wish Vera every success and cannot recommend her too highly to you, we could all benefit from a little bit of Vera in our lives.

Dora E Storey, Matron, Ayrshire Hospice, Scotland

The rare knack

Vera has the rare knack of articulating complex and deep-seated human emtions in simple, accessible language and spiced with an incisive and immediate humour allows her audience to connect to her subject material in a meaningful and lasting way.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vera as a speaker at any event where intellectual simulation is the order of the day.