The beginning of July

Recently I spoke at a large conference, lots of people all of whom are involved in the hectic world of software. During the social time I was asked who or what motivated me. Did I always feel positive and that the glass of life is constantly half full? This is a question I have been asked over and over throughout my career. I make a point of hesitating, no use giving an answer quickly, I always need to think. Feeling positive is not easy especially when life is difficult; but then who promised us that life would be one. 

Positivity  has to become a way of life, deciding not to be a moaner always seeing the half empty glass. That decision is up to you. Realizing that most people have a lot of ‘stuff’ going on in their own lives and that maybe they need us and don’t need to be burdened by our problems

I am motivated by people who put me to shame because despite set backs they fight back. My father became almost totally blind as he got older. He and my mother lived in a bungalow. One day my mother tripped and fell down she wasn’t badly hurt but it set him thinking. ‘Not enough light in that corridor’ he said  ‘I will put windows in the doors.’ It was no use my saying Dad I’ll get you new doors with glass panes, no use at all.

He throughout his life had set his hand to making things particularly in wood. as he pointed out he couldn’t use his lack of sight as an excuse for being less of a craftsman. It took him a month, often I would visit and silently weep as he struggled. I  wanted to dash off to B&Q and buy new doors but this old man had his dignity and his pride.

Eventually the doors were completed and with my Mothers help he rehung them one by one  He could not see the sunshine as it lit up the corridor but he said  ‘it is lighter in here. ‘Always the full glass, always positive. he spoke as though he could still had full sight.’

During my life I have met so many positive people. If you are positive you will know. You will have lots of friends. You will laugh and have the gift of being able to make others smile. You will  not mind being the focus of a joke or prank. You will notice when other people need you to listen….most of all you will be part of this amazing day

Hope to ‘Blog’ again soon until then keep safe and well .

Today is your present

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