At long last!

Yes I know it is ages since my last little missive. I have no excuse other than the fact that I hoped that some one would respond so that I would at least know that there was some one out there!

Christmas with all its festivities is now behind us. For many people the season brings with it sadness in one form or another and of course there are some who through no fault of their own spend a lonely Christmas.
For those of us with families around us it is a reminder that children tend to help us to enjoy the season much more, all the expectation and the whoops of joy after Father Christmas has left his presents.

Due to the long lasting bad weather most of us have had to adapt our everyday living in one way or another. There have been so many accidents on the roads, lots of raised voices and shortness of temper frustration, anger a variety of emotions and feelings. However I have noticed a great many women coming to the help and assistance of other drivers. Helping to push cars out of snow and ice. Sadly I did not see many men responding equally well. They were to be observed, sitting in their vehicles using mobile phones. Could this suggest that women tend to be proactive in a crisis? I can hear men out there groaning. Well it is just a thought!

My involvement in the latest ‘booktrust’ initiative has given me a great deal of pleasure. The publication will be available in libraries and other centres in February. My contribution is all about the art of story telling.
We do need to revive this art form. Much as the world of technology has progressed for the good it cannot replace the warmth and the togetherness of story telling.

Recently I spoke to a grandmother who said she wouldn’t dream of asking her grand children if they would like to listen to a story

‘Why ever not? I asked.

‘They are only interested in their computers’ she replied.

If we allow the art of story telling to die we will lose something very precious. It is a way for children to learn by being involved, a way for them to escape into their own imagination. It encourages them to feel close to another human being. To share an experience.
People have told stories since the beginning of time. Our whole lives are made up of, incidents, feelings, happenings and experience. Your life is a unique story as is mine and the life of every other human being.

I am hoping to ‘blog’ more often especially as at this time I am working hard writing my fifth book. This one is entitled ‘Another cup’ well that’s not too surprising is it.

We are taking orders now. Please email to reserve a signed copy.

Back here soon in the meantime keep safe and well. Remember you are a unique personality

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