everything changes and everything stays the same

With today being the day that we all get to vote for the political party of our choice we could presume that change is in the air. However as the French would say ‘everything changes, yet everything remains the same’ and so it would seem.

This occurs not only in the complex field of politics but so often in life in general. We see the need to make changes and yet we often leave things as they are and make no change at all.

Of late I have been involved in the ‘bookbite’ project. This work is aimed at helping people who are 60+ to get more out of life, to have confidence and most of all to appreciate how much people in this age group have to offer the world. On retirement our lives need not be over; this experience is simple another door opening. We are joining the ranks of the ‘wise and wonderful.’

At this point I should say why not click on to the link on the home page of this site and find out more about the bookbite magazine which is available in libraries and has proved to be a great success..

As a result of this work I was invited to meet Princess Anne on 11th March at a Royal Reception in Westminster. It was an enjoyable day and I was very impressed with the fact that she knew so much about the feelings and attitudes of the older generation. She will celebrate her sixtieth birthday this year. Gracious and full of empathy she chatted amicably as each person was presented to her. It was a good day, a day to be cherished and remembered.

Whatever age we are we could do a lot worse than to grasp life by the throat and shake it! The moment in which we stand and breathe is the only moment of which we can be sure. The media seems to almost always present us with the worst happenings and the most heinous crimes totally ignoring the fact that there is a great deal of good taking place in the world around us. If it was left to me I would have a happiness channel on the radio so that when we tuned in to that station all we heard was good news. Think how uplifting that would be!

It could be that wherever you are, whatever age you happen to be that a small change in your life at this moment could have a big affect. You might need to make a journey, change a routine, pay some one a compliment, tell a small child that you think he is the greatest or simply think positive even about the weather. Give some one close to you a hug. It would make a change in some ones life….. and yours too…

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  1. Julie Kertesz

    Are you from Manchester? do you know any tradition, special storytelling events that take place there?


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