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I had hoped to be timely in wishing you all the very best for the New Year however there are so many virus on the rampage that this message is somewhat delayed.

Do be assured I wish all of you well for this coming year. Now is the time to make plans. If you feel restricted in doing this and therefore unable to set big goals then set small ones that are achievable.

So often after the over indulgence with which the festive season provides we are tempted to say that we will diet.

Nasty word diet it conjures up a lot of other words that suggest only eating certain very boring meals. Why not substitute the word sense.

Be more sensible about what you eat, a smaller plate is useful too as it give the impression that we are eating a good portion. Another tip is to ensure that when the meal is served on to the plate that some of the plate itself is visible. An optical illusion maybe but it certainly can work if you are determined that it will do so. Eating just a little bit less can be more effective than a strong diet.

Because the brain is so complex it responds to all of our senses so try removing that half full box of chocolates, ‘out of sight’ can mean ‘out of mind.’

So many of you will be feeling less solvent Again mainly due to the heavy spending or simply because out goings may far outweigh incomings in a monetary sense.

Make a list of what you can do to ‘lift’ the January blues, the post Christmas melt down. A free list……… Walks in the country, a short trip to the sea, breathe in the ozone. Settle down to watch that DVD that you always meant to view but never got around to it uninterrupted. Soak in the bath.

Play your favourite music; enjoy talking to your children if you are lucky enough to have them. Look at your nearest and dearest as though you have never seen them before!

Why not make this year the year that you notice what is going on in the world around you. Not the world as seen on T.V. but your world. Ensure that this year you will be an active participating member of that very special personal world. If you live alone take notice of all the people with whom you have contact. Like you they have their own gifts and talents. Some more than others. Happy New Year and may you find peace within your orbit!

Until next time

Take care and keep safe.
Vera Waters.

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