Banishing the Blues, Chorley Library 6th March

half a rainbow insight into stressPeople began to arrive and I felt my usual excitement tinged with curiosity. Speakers face the unknown as the audience take their seats. The people who come to hear me speak, the people who read my books and support my work are all very important to me.

I have met members of the Royal family and found the experience enjoyable and interesting yet there is nothing to compare with meeting my readers. It is you who inspire me to continue. It is your faces and your words that spur me on especially on the days when I feel that I cannot write another word. Many of you were there that evening making me feel so welcome.

Elizabeth and staff at the library always ensure that the evening goes well, later providing tea & biscuits as I sign my books.

There were so many positive comments. People past and present making themselves known to me. Laughter smiles and yes the odd tear but that is life and my books are about life. No fiction, simply truth and a way to ‘self help.’

Two young women came to say they hadnot heard of me but had really enjoyed the evening. I hope that I will meet them next time. Another lady had a copy of my first book from 1990.

Some people stayed behind to chat; many books had been signed in an atmosphere of warm companionship, strangers conversing like long lost friends.

I felt privileged to be part of the experience!!

In May I am invited to speak at Leyland Library why not join me …You will be welcome. I aim to inspire!

See you there!

Vera Waters