Hold onto the pages!

Hello everyone. Have you heard the news the sale of ‘paper’ books is rising?

Reading is an escape from all that is happening in our own lives however to fully enjoy the journey, to be totally transported we need to engage as many of the senses as possible.

E-books provide swift access to the world of literature. Particularly useful when travelling. However a book, a real ‘Paper’ book engages not only touch, sight and hearing but also the sense of smell, To feel the texture of the paper, to trace the shape of a page with your finger tips, to sniff and inhale its special scent, to be so moved as you read that your tears drop onto its pages to do all of this you need a book in your hands.

Some booksMany of my readers tell me how having read my books they choose to keep them close. Often, on a bedside table where they can ‘dip in’ opening at random to gain inspiration, motivation and comfort. What a compliment that is to know that a book is still read years after publication.

As readers we become travellers, into other lives, other dimensions; books provide an instant escape …. they are your mode of transport to that other special place, hold onto the pages!

Vera Waters Oct 2015