Be Mindful


Thank goodness that at last this common sense approach to daily living is now not only fashionable but is being recognised more and more here in the western world.

I have been in practice for over 40 years and have always encouraged people to try to achieve this mental state knowing of its unlimited benefits, when we seek not only peace of mind but a fulfilling and healthy life.

Once we learn to be ‘mindful’ it becomes our own way of life an essential part of our being and as a consequence we link our mind, body and spirit in one. We become aware of our responses to everything around us.

Over the years when de-briefing professionals after major disasters and other tragic events I have taught them how to practice mindfulness in order to help them continue to live their lives with a new sense of acceptance.

We cannot change any part of the past nor can we be sure of anything in the future. We need to embrace, accept and value every second of the moment in which we live and breathe.

Vera Waters