I found myself absolutely engrossed – Vera was talking directly to me, wasn’t she?

If you haven’t heard Vera Waters speak, you should find the time to seek her out.

Vera is a quite remarkable woman.  You may not have heard of her, as indeed neither had I until recently.  But I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her and then to hear her speak recently at two events.

Vera has led a very interesting life – a very full life.  The covert nature of her work, and the delicate nature of her work with Police Forces internationally, has meant that, until more recently, she has been unable to be as visible as she should.

Vera’s talks draw very much upon her own experiences of life and those whose lives have touched hers in one way or another, always retaining the complete confidentiality of the people involved of course!

She has a very natural story-telling style of talking – no Powerpoint presentations, or facts and figures here!   And, remarkably, her tales of dealing with and making the most of life, being independent, feeling good in your own skin and coping strategies really drew me in.

On the occasions I have heard Vera talk, I found myself absolutely engrossed – Vera was talking directly to me, wasn’t she?  There may as well have been no-one else in the room.  And yet, when I did steal a glance at her audience, I realised that everyone else in the room was equally as engrossed and probably also feeling that Vera was talking directly to them too and her audiences come back time and again.

Vera’s talks are absolutely full of gems that sometimes hit a nerve with her audience.  It’s difficult to explain.   You have to experience it.  But one thing’s for sure, you’ll come away, inspired, touched and wanting more.

Pam Clark – Skipton, Yorkshire