Vera’s Talk Themes

These are a selection of talks give by Vera recently and can be used as-is or we can develop the theme further, as required.

Carpe Diem
This talk will have you laughing and thinking again about everyday life. It is about real people who actually exist. People Vera has met, who have told her their amazing stories.  ‘We need to seize the day, we all have gifts and talents.’

Books that changed my life
Vera talks about the books that have done just that. Become intrigued and spellbound as she opens each volume.
Some over 60 years old, others modern and of this present era.

The art of storytelling
Since the publication of the first Bookbite magazine in which she wrote about storytelling Vera has been invited to talk about this old skill now being reinstated and valued once again.

‘Ahoy the Lights’
Shortly before the Scottish Lighthouse board introduced automation, Vera was invited to visit the light-keepers who were facing not only the loss of their jobs but a new and different life on the mainland. ‘A humbling experience meeting wonderful men and their families, never to be forgotten’

Why do we do it?
What makes us hoard and keep items. From that rubber band to grandmother’s ring. We all have our reasons. Come, listen and find out just why some of us collect whilst others are minimalists.

The Buckle End!
Until recently Vera toured America speaking and signing her books. This talk gives an insight into work in the ‘Bible-belt’ of Virginia.  She also describes the interesting experiences & characters she encountered in several other states.

Oops the joys & otherwise of public speaking
The title says it all!

Half a Rainbow
Do you want to feel more positive?
Be more confident and see life as half full rather than half empty? Then come and join with Vera as she gives tips and advice on how to recognize and acknowledge our own unique talents and gifts.

Strong Tea & Biscuits…………
Friendship, relationships, neighbours, old comrades. Vera explores the need so many of us have to enjoy the company of others. As always with Vera’s presentations humour is present throughout.

Tales of experience in the windy city!  Meeting the people of the mid west. A talk full of laughter and joy as the true tale is told.

Laughter the best medicine
Without humour life can be very dull.  Has your ‘Get up and go’ got up and gone? ‘Join Vera and re-charge your batteries!

Another Cup
An insight into Vera’s latest publication, with insights into her own experiences growing up in Manchester.
“I am so proud to been born a Mancunian.”

If you don’t immediately see a theme that fits with your programme, please get in touch. We can discuss your ideas and draw on Vera’s huge experience.