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Vera’s sixth book, ‘Another Cup’ has been published. Order your signed copy asap.
Lovely review, thank you.You can order now on the Books & CDs page. Also see the News page for book launch photos and the superb Big Interview by Lancashire Post.

Rainbow Connections on KindleTake Vera with you – she’s available digitally as an e-book on Kindle and iTunes, covering most popular devices from Kindle reader to iPad, iPhone, Android or even on your laptop. Perfect to dip into when you get a moment or need a little inspiration.

If you are thinking of booking Vera for a talk, have a look at these talk themes.

During my career as a counsellor and life coach I have enjoyed the most remarkable and memorable experiences meeting with people from many walks of life, both here in the UK, the USA and other places abroad.

I have been described as a pioneer, and an agent of change:audiences in West Virginia refer to me as a ‘Stem-winder’; apparently that describes someonewho is an inspiration to others.

As a public speaker, it is always a privilege to engage with and meet new people, something I have enjoyed for more than forty years now. Being able to speak directly to my readers is a joy and quite humbling; meeting so many amazing people who have benefited from my work, finding comfort and support from my words and the experiences I have shared with them.

During our lives we are consistently presented with options: doors of opportunity opening. It is always our choice to decide whether to step through and take a chance; or to say no. Luckily for me most of the doors that have been opened to me I have stepped through….the result has been a very fulfilling life.

I will be delighted to meet with the members of your group or organisation hopefully to inspire and entertain!

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Vera Waters