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A Pandora’s Box – Hazel

I have just finished reading “Another Cup“ …  Truly a ”Pandora’s Box”, full of treasures, written with wisdom, empathy, knowledge and understanding. With communication skills second to none, delivering messages of hope, healing and calm, some even with a touch of humour! Look inside again, and you will discover more! 


Dipping back in – Janice

I bought and read Another Cup soon after it was published in 2017. Since then, as with all Vera’s books I am constantly dipping back into it. Recently after re-reading the whole book I thought it was time to put some of my thoughts about it in writing.

I personally found this book a little different to past books, every bit as good, but I found it a little more autobiographical which brought out more of Vera’s personality through her writing which I loved.

I found this book inspirational and that it gave me the courage to make some changes in my own life. The book gave me a different perspective on my life’s journey.

The book gave me a lot of food for thought: it is uplifting, meaningful and relates to everyday life and experiences in a positive way. What an excellent book to add to Vera’s other books, which I can dip in and out of any time.


Another Cup review – Terry

The thing I love about picking up a Vera Water’s book you know you will not be disappointed. Warm insights into people’s lives, the situations people live through, with Vera guiding the way.

This book reminds me of Vera’s first book, Half A Rainbow. It’s a book I will pick up again and again and learn something new every time. Absorbing and thought provoking. If I could have a guardian angel guiding me, she would be called Vera!


Venus Voices

I’m delighted to have been invited to speak at this local library. I’ve spoken to groups in many libraries but this will be my first presentation at the ‘library near Asda!’

There is something special about library activities. Lots of warmth and interest in a varied programme provided for all age groups. Interested and dedicated staff add to the whole ambiance of the events.

This talk is part of the Venus Voices programme which is a celebration of those amazing women who fought for women to be given the right to vote. I will be speaking of some of my own humble yet very interesting experiences especially early in my career when women were not considered to be as ‘able’ as their male counterparts.

The press & media describe me as a ‘pioneering’ woman and I soon became aware how important it is to have the confidence to see the humour in so many situations.

I do hope you will join me on Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 1pm.

Come along and enjoy this positive experience

Afterwards I will be signing copies of my books as we enjoy a cup of tea together.

I look forward to seeing you.

Take care

Vera Waters


We are all boxes full of experiences & memories.

We have keys to other people’s boxes through our understanding & insight.

Please now go open a box.


Vera Waters, Nursing Times, 1982

Dare to be a Daniel…. Dare to stand alone

Dare to have a purpose firm

Dare to make it known.


Philip P Bliss, 1873

Fortifying review


As fortifying as a good strong cup of tea. Vera Waters is a skilled storyteller & expert observer of human behaviour. Vera has listened to a lot of people from all backgrounds & situations. She distills the wisdom drawn from all these lived experiences & passes on life lessons in easy to absorb chapters. This is a useful book for everyone.

Orchidstar, via Amazon

The Book Launch

The Book Launch

A night to remember,
A room full of interesting people,
The sound of laughter
Music playing
The tinkling of cups on saucers
People eating cake & drinking tea
What more could any author want,
As avid readers lined up to buy my latest book.
A book launched with a room full of people I had encountered!
My privilege, to have met them all!

VW November 2017

Big Interview, by Nicola Jaques, Lancashire Post

One of Vera’s favourite interviews, she said Nicola ‘showed a lot of interest and empathy, she did a great job. I really enjoyed speaking with her’.

Caring Chorley pioneer took a Red Rose heart all around the world

“Observing to understand” that is how inspirational speaker, life coach and author Vera Waters would describe the make -up of her life’s work. She has quite the resume.

From pioneering change in the 1960s for the better treatment of teenage offenders, to an appointment as the first voluntary service co-ordinator in the health service before turning attentions to counselling police forces nationally. She has trained and counselled nurses, doctors, entertainers, actors, dancers, airline crews to those in the finance sectors. Her lectures and presentations have taken her all over the world from Europe to America to Australia coupled with regular appearances on the radio.

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