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We are all boxes full of experiences & memories.

We have keys to other people’s boxes through our understanding & insight.

Please now go open a box.


Vera Waters, Nursing Times, 1982

Dare to be a Daniel…. Dare to stand alone

Dare to have a purpose firm

Dare to make it known.


Philip P Bliss, 1873

VW quotes

I was amused when my IT support expert pointed out that I was getting hits on the website for the phrase “VW feeling quotes” and similar VW quote searches. I suspect they might be looking for a more Volkswagen focused theme, following the recent emissions allegations, rather than my inspiration.

Interestingly I hit the first page of Google, but not as highly as the Virginia Woolf quote page. My favourites of hers include:

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way” and “Language is wine upon the lips”

Perhaps someone at Volkswagen took her a bit too literally with that first quote. Just realised that maybe I need to look at the VW Fahrvergnügen idea (enjoyment of driving) and really focus on what matters to me most, Leservergnügen.

Read. Your life depends upon it”


Time Out

garden shed

There is nothing quite like a garden shed, or a greenhouse. Take time out.

Hide for a while!

Emerge renewed!!


An Act of Kindness

Kind people make the world a better place

The memory of an act of kindness can last for years

Recipe for a Rainbow – VW

Peace of mind

WP_000082If we continually dwell on the past, we may become depressed.
If we plan too far ahead into the future, we may become over anxious.
If we live in the moment, we may find peace of mind.