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How to put a child onto the wrong life path…

Hello I know that it has been a while but I am here now ……..

We seem to live in a society where common sense is extremely uncommon. It is as though it is not to be encouraged.
As parents we all make mistakes. Often in those early days we vow never to make the mistakes our parents made. Usually we don’t we simply make a whole new set of our own!

Points to ponder.

How to put your child onto the wrong life path

Begin in infancy to give him everything he demands .
In this way he will grow up to think that the world owes him a living.

When he uses bad language laugh at him then he will think that he is funny.

Avoid the use of the word wrong or naughty it may give him a guilt complex.

Pick up everything he leaves lying around. Do everything for him so that he will grow to expect this to happen all his life.

Make excuses for him when he is rude and obnoxious to other people .
Say he is tired and having a bad time although you know that isn’t true.

Let him spend hours on his computer without checking who is contacting him .

Quarrel and row with your partner when he is in the house deluding yourself that he can’t hear you. {Children hear most things even our thoughts.} This will help him to make fractious relationships himself.

Don’t worry when he does not want to find a job in the holidays just make sure he has plenty of spending money.

Whatever you do ensure that he never experiences frustration, meet his every need

Let him eat and drink whenever and whatever he wants. Never say no this could upset him.

When you know he is telling lies, ignore the fact don’t challenge him he could get angry.

If some one complains about his behaviour be sure to disbelieve them. Of course they are prejudiced against your child.

When he tells you of something he is intending to do that would be of benefit to him warn him about everything that could go wrong.

Teach him to have a negative outlook, then he will always expect disappointment.

Do not remind him of good manners you could cause serious damage by hurting his feelings.

Tell him he can come home at any time then he won’t get anxious about a deadline

Whatever you do never suggest he bring his friends home this could put him under pressure.

Oh and last but not least don’t let him know he is loved he might be embarrassed

When you have done all of this do not expect him to respect you because he probably won’t……….. After all you have not respected him.

{The ‘He’ quoted here could of course be a ‘her’}

Thanks for joining me please feel free to comment as hopefully you will.

I wish you well
Keep safe until next time.

Vera waters.