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The rare knack

Vera has the rare knack of articulating complex and deep-seated human emtions in simple, accessible language and spiced with an incisive and immediate humour allows her audience to connect to her subject material in a meaningful and lasting way.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vera as a speaker at any event where intellectual simulation is the order of the day.


An embarrasment of riches

When such an embarassment of riches is interwoven with her abundance of common sense and warmed her wit and humour, the listener is at once captivated, informed, entertained and enriched.

I recommend her without hesitation.

Alan Boardman, former Detective Chief Superintendent, GMP

Make them laugh

When planning our international sales conference, I asked Vera to be our After Dinner Speaker. My remit was “make them laugh!” A tall order with an audience of Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Finns, Germans, Swiss, French, Italians, Spaniards, Dutch, Belgians, Americans, Thai, Chinese and English. And make them laugh she did!

Bill Wilkinson, Managing Director, Camfil Farr

I just wished I had the pleasure to have met you years ago

Dear Vera,

How can I possibly begin to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave to our members at the recent British Society of Baking Conference. Vera you worked so hard, never have we had a speaker that gave so much time to the delegates.

I found you as an after-dinner speaker absolutely fascinating, and you are such a brave woman, I just wished I had the pleasure to have met you years ago.

With all of my good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

Jean Grieves, former Conference Chairman, British Society of Baking

someone who understands human nature

Vera Waters first contacted me when I was at the Catholic Herald. She wrote articles on a regular basis, not only about her work as a counsellor but as someone who understands human nature. There is a strong spiritual element in her work. She somehow manages to float above denomination.

Peter Stanford, Journalist

With Vera, the glass is never less than half-full

Vera is a captivating speaker with an apparently endless supply of real life experiences from which to draw. Whether funny, sad or touching, all of her stories are thought-provoking and her humour and passionate belief in the practice of positive thinking are an inspiration.

Listening to Vera, you will learn something about yourself and be helped to see – and become part of – the bigger picture. With Vera, the glass is never less than half-full – and she has a happy knack of topping it up without you even realising it!

Andrew Thomson, Executive Marketing Director, CAFOD

the only one ever given a standing ovation

Thank you for all you go through to be with us in Chicago. Over the years we have had some wonderful people speak to our group but you are the only one ever given a standing ovation and just this morning I jotted down a “Veraism”, a reminder to myself that “I can have mediocrity cheap, it’s free”.

Best regards and love,

Duke Grkovic, CHICAGO

an investment everyone should make

Vera’s soft presentation style is so powerful. Her unique ‘story telling’ style of communication had me laughing one minute, and put tears into my eyes the next. Her emphasis on listening has helped me change my communication style.

An hour with Vera is an investment everyone should make.

Rick Reinbold, MILWAUKEE