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the only one ever given a standing ovation

Thank you for all you go through to be with us in Chicago. Over the years we have had some wonderful people speak to our group but you are the only one ever given a standing ovation and just this morning I jotted down a “Veraism”, a reminder to myself that “I can have mediocrity cheap, it’s free”.

Best regards and love,

Duke Grkovic, CHICAGO

an investment everyone should make

Vera’s soft presentation style is so powerful. Her unique ‘story telling’ style of communication had me laughing one minute, and put tears into my eyes the next. Her emphasis on listening has helped me change my communication style.

An hour with Vera is an investment everyone should make.

Rick Reinbold, MILWAUKEE

helped me get to the next level

Vera has been an inspiration in her moving, humorous, and dynamic presentations that I have witnessed in Chicago.
She has a unique ability to strip away the unessential elements and focus on the core needs of developing a fulfilling
process for both client and advisor. She positively helped me get to the next level in my practice and her insight
has always been beneficial to me.

Scott R. Lebin, RFC, FEBS, President, Managed Economics for Doctors, Inc., CHICAGO

deep and heartfelt thank you

Dear Vera:

I wanted to extend a deep and heartfelt thank you for your participation in our events here in Iowa. We have had quite a few thank you notes from clients specifically mentioning how delightful and inspiring you were for them. Our staff has also expressed appreciation for the presentation you gave.

I sincerely hope to keep in touch with my friend from across the pond.

Warmest Regards.

Johnne D. Syverson, CFP, AEP, Senior Wealth Coach, Des Moines, IOWA