Harnessing Hope in Isolation

During this period of self isolation and lock down, I’m working on my new book, making plans for the future. This is a time when we need to think fearlessly, to harness hope. To acknowledge that there will be a future, albeit a different way of life as the world changes.

Richard Bach wrote ‘Every problem has a gift for you in its hands’

In these uncertain times the spread of the Covid-19 virus is a major problem making many of us feel anxious and afraid, it’s very difficult to see any gifts at all, it’s easier to envisage that only the worst will happen.

As human beings we are a combination of mind, body and spirit, we need to appreciate how powerful our spirit can be.

Where are the gifts you ask?

Let us consider.

If someone is ensuring that you have food you are receiving a kindness. A gift.

If someone waves to you from beyond your window or balcony it is a special gift.

If you have the love of family that love is a gift.

If you have the company of a pet it is a gift.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden,

you are very fortunate a garden is truly a gift.

If when taking a short walk another person moves further away to avoid spreading the virus that consideration is a gift.

If you receive texts, phone calls or other messages asking how you are coping these are all gifts.

If a neighbour calls to you, albeit through the intercom or your letterbox, that again is a gift!

If council refuse collectors are still emptying your bins how lucky you are, it’s a gift.

Milk deliveries are on the increase another gift.

We can still send for items via the internet. The arrival of those parcels on our doorsteps is a gift. The delivery person provides an important service.

And what about the postal services? So positive. These daily deliveries maintain some sense of normality and routine they are a gift.

These times are frightening, uncertain, but the human spirit is indefatigable providing we keep sight of the positive in our lives. The gifts we are still receiving.

Be aware, help our essential health care services and others to keep going.

Don’t put them at risk these are precious people risking their own safety to help us.

Every shift they work is a gift.

Good luck everyone, thanks for joining me.

It is because of the gifts I am receiving that I am able to send you this message.

Time for a brew, yes another gift!

Keep safe
Stay home
Consider others
This time will pass

© Vera Waters April 2020

Click here for the printable PDF version of Harnessing Hope in Isolation