A Pandora’s Box – Hazel

I have just finished reading “Another Cup“ …  Truly a ”Pandora’s Box”, full of treasures, written with wisdom, empathy, knowledge and understanding. With communication skills second to none, delivering messages of hope, healing and calm, some even with a touch of humour! Look inside again, and you will discover more! 


Dipping back in – Janice

I bought and read Another Cup soon after it was published in 2017. Since then, as with all Vera’s books I am constantly dipping back into it. Recently after re-reading the whole book I thought it was time to put some of my thoughts about it in writing.

I personally found this book a little different to past books, every bit as good, but I found it a little more autobiographical which brought out more of Vera’s personality through her writing which I loved.

I found this book inspirational and that it gave me the courage to make some changes in my own life. The book gave me a different perspective on my life’s journey.

The book gave me a lot of food for thought: it is uplifting, meaningful and relates to everyday life and experiences in a positive way. What an excellent book to add to Vera’s other books, which I can dip in and out of any time.


Another Cup review – Terry

The thing I love about picking up a Vera Water’s book you know you will not be disappointed. Warm insights into people’s lives, the situations people live through, with Vera guiding the way.

This book reminds me of Vera’s first book, Half A Rainbow. It’s a book I will pick up again and again and learn something new every time. Absorbing and thought provoking. If I could have a guardian angel guiding me, she would be called Vera!


Vera’s Talk Themes

These are a selection of talks give by Vera recently and can be used as-is or we can develop the theme further, as required.

Carpe Diem
This talk will have you laughing and thinking again about everyday life. It is about real people who actually exist. People Vera has met, who have told her their amazing stories.  ‘We need to seize the day, we all have gifts and talents.’

Books that changed my life
Vera talks about the books that have done just that. Become intrigued and spellbound as she opens each volume.
Some over 60 years old, others modern and of this present era.

The art of storytelling
Since the publication of the first Bookbite magazine in which she wrote about storytelling Vera has been invited to talk about this old skill now being reinstated and valued once again.

‘Ahoy the Lights’
Shortly before the Scottish Lighthouse board introduced automation, Vera was invited to visit the light-keepers who were facing not only the loss of their jobs but a new and different life on the mainland. ‘A humbling experience meeting wonderful men and their families, never to be forgotten’

Why do we do it?
What makes us hoard and keep items. From that rubber band to grandmother’s ring. We all have our reasons. Come, listen and find out just why some of us collect whilst others are minimalists.

The Buckle End!
Until recently Vera toured America speaking and signing her books. This talk gives an insight into work in the ‘Bible-belt’ of Virginia.  She also describes the interesting experiences & characters she encountered in several other states.

Oops the joys & otherwise of public speaking
The title says it all!

Half a Rainbow
Do you want to feel more positive?
Be more confident and see life as half full rather than half empty? Then come and join with Vera as she gives tips and advice on how to recognize and acknowledge our own unique talents and gifts.

Strong Tea & Biscuits…………
Friendship, relationships, neighbours, old comrades. Vera explores the need so many of us have to enjoy the company of others. As always with Vera’s presentations humour is present throughout.

Tales of experience in the windy city!  Meeting the people of the mid west. A talk full of laughter and joy as the true tale is told.

Laughter the best medicine
Without humour life can be very dull.  Has your ‘Get up and go’ got up and gone? ‘Join Vera and re-charge your batteries!

Another Cup
An insight into Vera’s latest publication, with insights into her own experiences growing up in Manchester.
“I am so proud to been born a Mancunian.”

If you don’t immediately see a theme that fits with your programme, please get in touch. We can discuss your ideas and draw on Vera’s huge experience.

Lancashire Local Libraries

It was my pleasure to speak at Clayton-le-Woods Library in September, closely followed by my early October talk at Ormskirk Library as part of the Venus Voices programme.  It is always interesting and enjoyable to meet those  who support our libraries. Such interesting people come to hear me speak. The provision of Strong Tea and Biscuits afterwards as I sign my books brings a warmth and sense of belonging to the gathering.  There is nothing more satisfying to me than when, having finished my presentation, I have the chance whilst signing my books to chat with the members of the audience.

Even more rewarding is the further contact when my readers, sometimes weeks later, get in touch to let me know their reaction to my true stories.

Ormskirk is already booked on my library list for spring ……….watch this space!

I found myself absolutely engrossed – Vera was talking directly to me, wasn’t she?

If you haven’t heard Vera Waters speak, you should find the time to seek her out.

Vera is a quite remarkable woman.  You may not have heard of her, as indeed neither had I until recently.  But I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet her and then to hear her speak recently at two events.

Vera has led a very interesting life – a very full life.  The covert nature of her work, and the delicate nature of her work with Police Forces internationally, has meant that, until more recently, she has been unable to be as visible as she should.

Vera’s talks draw very much upon her own experiences of life and those whose lives have touched hers in one way or another, always retaining the complete confidentiality of the people involved of course!

She has a very natural story-telling style of talking – no Powerpoint presentations, or facts and figures here!   And, remarkably, her tales of dealing with and making the most of life, being independent, feeling good in your own skin and coping strategies really drew me in.

On the occasions I have heard Vera talk, I found myself absolutely engrossed – Vera was talking directly to me, wasn’t she?  There may as well have been no-one else in the room.  And yet, when I did steal a glance at her audience, I realised that everyone else in the room was equally as engrossed and probably also feeling that Vera was talking directly to them too and her audiences come back time and again.

Vera’s talks are absolutely full of gems that sometimes hit a nerve with her audience.  It’s difficult to explain.   You have to experience it.  But one thing’s for sure, you’ll come away, inspired, touched and wanting more.

Pam Clark – Skipton, Yorkshire

Venus Voices

I’m delighted to have been invited to speak at this local library. I’ve spoken to groups in many libraries but this will be my first presentation at the ‘library near Asda!’

There is something special about library activities. Lots of warmth and interest in a varied programme provided for all age groups. Interested and dedicated staff add to the whole ambiance of the events.

This talk is part of the Venus Voices programme which is a celebration of those amazing women who fought for women to be given the right to vote. I will be speaking of some of my own humble yet very interesting experiences especially early in my career when women were not considered to be as ‘able’ as their male counterparts.

The press & media describe me as a ‘pioneering’ woman and I soon became aware how important it is to have the confidence to see the humour in so many situations.

I do hope you will join me on Wednesday 19th September 2018 at 1pm.

Come along and enjoy this positive experience

Afterwards I will be signing copies of my books as we enjoy a cup of tea together.

I look forward to seeing you.

Take care

Vera Waters